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Josh Hawley makes appearance in Joplin for the Newton-Jasper Lincoln Day Event

Saturday, March 9th was a big night for Newton and Jasper County Republicans and the city of Joplin as state and local politicians convened with the public at Joplin Family Worship to talk issues at the Newton Jasper County Lincoln Day Event.

The event was a packed who’s who of local and state wide politicians. In attendance were Missouri Gubernatorial candidates including Jay Ashcroft, Bill Eigel, and Chris Wright, along with Lt. Governor candidates Tim Baker, and Holly Rehder.

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Missouri Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Ashcroft

But the big guest of the evening, who garnered a standing ovation upon entrance, was Missouri US Senator Josh Hawley. Hawley made his local appearance at around 5:45 that evening to make an impassioned 30 minute speech touching on the dangers of Biden’s border, indoctrination found in public schools, and concerns surrounding politicians making large profits in the stock market.

Hawley also used his time to voice his concern regarding Biden’s green agenda. “[Biden] is using your tax dollars to subsidize electric vehicles that are made in China, that you don’t want and I don’t want, so that the Chinese can profit off of it and then sell them back to us. Then he mandates that by 2030…all vehicles in this country have to be electric. Where are [the cars] going to be made? Not here.” Hawley then went on the question how this has become a reality. “Well, [it happened] because the Senate is bought and paid for and Joe Biden is totally enthralled by the radical leftists with their crazy, environmentalist, wacko climate religion agenda. We cannot go on like this.”

Also in attendance that evening were Secretary of State candidates Shane Schoeller, Denny Hoskins, and Valentina Gomez who gained internet fame after posting a video of herself burling LGBTQIA+ friendly children’s books with a flame thrower.

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Missouri US Congressman Eric Burlison

Missouri Treasurer candidates Vivek Malek, and Cody Smith each took the stage to introduce themselves and fight for voters’ support.

Other notable attendees included South West Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison, Missouri State Representative Ben Baker, State Senator Jill Carter, Joplin Mayor Doug Lawson, Webb City Mayor Lynn Ragsdale, and Jasper County Clerk Charlie Davis.

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