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Changes coming to marijuana packaging in Missouri

New rules regulating the packages that legal marijuana comes in will soon take effect. 

The current standards, in effect since 2018, allow a variety of colors and designs that might seem enticing to customers, and possibly to any children in their households. 

Amy Moore with the Missouri Department of Health says the new standards are designed to promote public health and to make marijuana less appealing to kids:

According to Moore:  “Some states really go all the way and say, ‘only black and white.’ We did not go that far. What we have instead is we allow a primary color for the packaging. So, one main color, and then they are also permitted to include up to two logos that can be a different color or different colors.”

Moore says the new standards reduce the “busyness” on many marijuana packages, making them more plain and uniform. The new standards take effect July 31st.

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