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4 State Area Coronavirus Headlines


COVID-19 Local Area Case Report

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Updated 04/07/2020 0500 Cases in Missouri: 2,722 Total Deaths: 39 Confirmed cases in…Jasper CO: 9      Newton CO: 6     Joplin: 2 Patients tested in Missouri (by all labs): approximately 31,654   Cases in Kansas: 845 Total Deaths: 25 Confirmed cases in…Cherokee CO: 5    Crawford CO: 4    Bourbon CO:6 Patients tested in Kansas (by all labs): approximately …


Waivers provide increased access to health care delivery

12 hours ago Effective immediately, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has approved the temporary waivers that will allow a collaborating physician and physician assistants (PAs) and/or assistant physicians (APs) to practi ...

Legislature approves broad new powers for Oklahoma governor

14 hours ago (AP) The Oklahoma Legislature is granting sweeping new powers to the governor to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The House and Senate on Monday approved a resolution to give the power to the gove ...

Missouri budget chief blames huge revenue drop on virus

14 hours ago (AP) As Missouri lawmakers prepare to consider emergency funding in response to the coronavirus crisis, the state’s budget director has offered more evidence of the pandemic’s toll on the ...

How many Missouri are available to battle COVID-19?

17 hours ago Of Missouri’s roughly 10,800 hospital beds, about 3,700 – or 35 percent – are currently available to help fight the coronavirus. During Saturday’s press briefing, Missouri Health Departmen ...

CDC Information About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

There is ongoing research and investigation about the disease causing this global pandemic. Information is rapidly changing and new information will be updates as it becomes available. Check back often for updates.

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