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Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe stops in Joplin for meet-and-greet event

As Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe campaigns for the upcoming 2024 Missouri gubernatorial election, he is reminded how his current position has prepared him perfectly for the office of Missouri Governor.

20240709 115248“It’s brought us all around the state,” Kehoe told NewsTalk KZRG. “I’ve worked very closely with Governor (Mike) Parson on various initiatives. He’s been kind enough to let me help him with some of those things. 

“We have been from one end of the state to the other as Lt. Governor promoting and helping our veterans—our heroes—across the state, protecting our seniors, promoting the tourism industry, and there were a lot of economic-development projects that Governor Parson has had me working on. That time as Lt. Governor really has helped me build relationships and understand the importance of who is doing what across the state.”

Kehoe made a stop in Joplin at Granny Shaffer’s restaurant for a meet-and-greet event. With a sizeable turnout, Kehoe has made quite the impression with his possible constituents. 

“A lot of the things I believe in, he believes in,” Mike Landis told NewsTalk KZRG. “I think he will be good for Missouri. He will listen to the citizens of Missouri and do what is right for them.”

Kehoe believes Missouri’s future is as bright as it’s ever going to be. He feels there are a lot of puzzle pieces in place to grow, and doing so agriculturally is a staple for his campaign. 

 “It’s the backbone of who we are,” Kehoe said. “We have four key areas we are working on when we become governor, if we are so chosen by the citizens of Missouri. Agriculture is one of those four. It’s our number one industry. In rural Missouri, agriculture plays a vital role. Whether it’s an industry that supports agriculture or an operation of agriculture itself. We feed and clothe the world. We think there is about 25 percent room for growth in that $93 billion industry. As we grow that ag economy, that is certainly going to help rural Missouri substantially.”

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