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Oklahoma Attorney General warns consumers to avoid overdue toll charge scam

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Gentner Drummond is warning Oklahoma consumers about a new scam in Oklahoma involving text messages about overdue toll charges.

Some Oklahomans have received messages claiming they owe past due toll charges along with a link to click and pay. However, the scam messages are phishing attacks designed to steal personal information.

“These scammers are not just after your money; they are after your identity,” Drummond said. “Oklahomans are encouraged to stay alert against this new scam as well as all types of personal-identity phishing scams.”

The FBI has received more than 2,000 complaints about toll road collection text schemes during the last two months. The scam is known to be in at least eight states, with Oklahoma being the most recent state affected by it.

To help spot and avoid overdue toll text scams, follow these tips from the Federal Trade Commission:

* Slow down. Don’t rush to click on links or respond to the text. Scammers want people to react quickly, but it’s best to stop and check it out.

* Check with the tolling agency. If you’re worried the text is legitimate, check with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority by calling (800) 745-3727. Do not use phone numbers listed in the text message.

* Report unwanted text messages. Use your phone’s “report junk” option to report the text or forward it to 7726 (SPAM).

* Don’t engage. Delete the message. Unwanted messages often lead to scams. Once you’ve checked it out and reported it, delete the text message and do not engage with the sender.

Anyone who believes they may have been victimized by the toll charge scam should contact the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General at or 1-833-681-1895.

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