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Curbside tree limb clean-up in Joplin slated for Monday, June 3rd

JOPLIN, MO – The Joplin City Council has approved the City to provide FREE curbside tree and foliage cleanup to households in areas impacted by the May 6 EF-1 tornado and storms.

The City will hire a contractor to make a single pass through designated areas to collect all tree and foliage debris stacked at the curb (please not in the street or blocking sidewalks).

Citizens will have until Monday June 3, 2024, to get all tree and foliage debris to the curb. Pickup and hauling of the debris will begin on June 3.

It may take the contractor up to four months to collect all curbside tree limbs if they are able to clean up ten city blocks each day. Once the process begins on the morning of June 3, City crews will work closely with hired contractors for an efficient process.

Please note how this program will work:

  • City employees and contractors hired by the City cannot enter your property to cut up or remove trees. They will only be authorized to haul away tree debris stacked curbside.
  • If you are insured, please ask the contractor whom your insurance has hired or will be reimbursed, to ensure they haul tree and foliage debris to the city’s limb drop-off facility at 1702 N. Schifferdecker.
  • The elderly and disabled may request volunteer assistance to cut up and move trees that fell during the May 6, 2024, storm. Call the City’s Planning, Development, and Neighborhood Services Department at 417-624-0820, ext. 1542 or 1539, and the City will match the caller with a volunteer group. Volunteers may stack tree debris at the curb if they cannot haul the vegetation debris to the City’s Limb Drop-Off facility at 1702 N. Schifferdecker.
  • The contractor(s) hired by the City of Joplin will only collect curbside vegetation debris within the areas designated as tornado-impacted on the City’s clean-up map. Please review the map image to see if your address will be serviced by a contractor or whether you are in an outlying area.
  • If your address is outside the designated tornado impact cleanup areas, please call 417-624-0820, ext. 1564 BEFORE June 3, 2024. A Public Works representative will be dispatched to the location to verify that your tree and foliage debris directly resulted from the May 6 tornado. Upon verification, a Public Works crew will be scheduled to collect your vegetation debris in these outlying areas.
  • The contractor(s) hired by the City of Joplin will only pass down your street a single time to collect all vegetation debris which is left curbside by June 3, 2024. Do not place any tree debris on the curbside after the contractor has already collected tree debris on your street. Homeowners will be responsible for disposing of all tree limbs placed curbside after the contractor has passed your street.
  • Keep in mind that this program is not offered for any construction material debris such as roofs, siding, fences, insulation, household items, etc. If you have such damage, you should contact your property insurance company for assistance with removing such debris and for repairs to your home or business.

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