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Whataburger in Joplin officially open

You no longer have to wait to get a Whataburger in Joplin. 

Well, that’s not entirely true.

20240513 104012Whataburger officially opened at 2014 S Rangeline Road in Joplin on Monday, and other than the line stretching back to Highview Avenue, you won’t have any trouble getting your favorite Whataburger menu item.

Of course, no matter the wait, some customers came far and wide to experience the Whataburger opening in Joplin on Monday.

“I actually showed up Friday night, but I couldn’t actually get in line until Saturday evening ,” said Ruby Winslow, from Gainesville, Missouri. “So, we have been here for two days.”  

20240513 104009“It’s just one of the greatest burgers ever,” Winslow continued. “Whataburger has its own flavor. The beef is as fresh as it’s going to get. Five days before, that beef was walking and now we’re eating it. That’s how fresh it is.” 

Currently, the Joplin Whataburger is drive-thru only until the volume of patrons dissipates over the next coming weeks. Then, the dining room will be open to allow customers the full Whataburger experience. 

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