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Status of the Missouri House Ethics Committee

The Missouri House Ethics Committee’s work is not over involving allegations against the House speaker. 

The committee has canceled two of its follow-up meetings after making-public its months-long investigation linked to complaints against House Speaker Dean Plocher. 

The complaints involve allegations of false expense reports, contract irregularities, staff firings, and retaliatory threats, but no wrongdoing was found. 

The report recommended a letter of reprimand, as well as tweaks to chamber and committee rules to allow the group to investigate the speaker, but it was soundly rejected by a 6-2 vote. 

In a news release, Republican Chairwoman Hannah Kelly says that the inquiry remains active and an affirmative decision by a majority of the committee members is required. 

According to committee rules, when a hearing is concluded, the members are to vote to dismiss the complaint, move to a formal hearing, or offer recommended sanctions. 

Plocher has not commented on the report.

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