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SEK Congressman LaTurner will not seek reelection

Washington, D.C. – Today, Southeast Kansas Congressman Jake LaTurner, of Galena, issued the following statement:

“I will proudly serve the remainder of the 118th Congress, but after much prayer and consideration, I will not seek reelection this Fall. The people of Kansas who elected me to serve in the United States House of Representatives have given me the professional honor of my life, but it is time to pursue other opportunities and have the benefit of spending more time with my family.

Suzanne and I are the proud parents of four young children, and for us the busy schedule of serving in and running for Congress has taken a toll. The unrepeatable season of life we are in, where our kids are still young and at home, is something I want to be more present for.

Serving in Congress is not something you achieve in isolation. It would not have happened without the support of my loving family, loyal friends, and a dedicated staff in Kansas and Washington who are second to no other congressional staff in the country. I know I will never be able to thank all these people enough, but I look forward to trying my best in the coming months and years.

It has become fashionable for some to fear for the future of this country and act as though the problems we face and the divisions that exist are insurmountable, but that is just not true. Undoubtedly, the current dysfunction on Capitol Hill is distressing, but it almost always has been; we just didn’t see most of it. I remain optimistic about the future of this country, not only because we have overcome more significant obstacles in the past, but that the vast majority of people I have served with are good and trying to do the right thing, and because our founders, divinely inspired, understood human nature and created this republic to endure.

Unlike many in elected office, I’ve had the pleasure of serving Kansans at the beginning of my professional life. I was 24 years old when I was first sworn into the Kansas State Senate and the youngest statewide elected official in America when I was appointed State Treasurer. While I will not be a candidate in 2024 or the state elections in 2026, I am hopeful that in another season of life, with new experiences and perspectives, I can contribute in some small way and advocate for the issues I care most about.

With gratitude in my heart for the people of Kansas, my staff, friends, and family, and most importantly, a loving God, who has blessed me beyond measure, I look forward to serving the remainder of my term and look to the future with confidence.”

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