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Southwest Missouri Congressman Burlison back from trip to Israel

Recently, southwest Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison was in war torn Israel seeing for himself the damage caused by the October 7th terrorist attacks by Hamas.  

Burlison told Newstalk KZRG:  “There are over 130 hostages, many of which are U-S citizens.  And when Joe Biden opens his dumb mouth and talks about that Israel needs to back off, there needs to be a cease fire, the arrogance of that man when Israel is risking their lives to save U-S citizens who are being held hostage.”

Burlison met with Israel leaders and toured the Golan Heights.  

According to Burlison:  “There are hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens who have been evacuated from their homes in northern Israel because Hamas is launching rockets.  Israel is used to having rockets launched at them.  And they have never had an evacuation, but they do now.”

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