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Strong storms leave downtown Carthage pummeled

Carthage had a close call on Monday night as severe weather rolling through the area around 9:30 p.m. caused noticeable damage with the brunt of the damage coming to the downtown area.

Carthage severe storm damageAmong the destruction was roof damage to several buildings, structural damage, storefront windows blown out and several powerline poles down.  

The severe weather ultimately turned into a tornado warning as it left Carthage and continued to travel northeast towards the Springfield area before touching down.

Carthage Damage Survey
Carthage Damage Survey

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Radaromega Screenshot Carthage 9:33pm
RadarOmega Screenshot of Carthage at 9:33pm
RadarOmega Screenshot Carthage 9:33pm -- Velocity signature
RadarOmega Screenshot Carthage 9:33pm — Velocity signature

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