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Alcohol compliance checks coming this spring

Over the next several weeks, the Joplin Police Department will be conducting a series of alcohol compliance checks at licensed retailers in the City of Joplin. 

The purpose of these checks is to assess the level of accessibility of alcohol within our community and prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors, thus creating a safer and healthier environment for our youth.

Underage buyers, working under the supervision of law enforcement, will visit retailers in the near future and attempt to purchase alcohol beverages. Employees and employers caught selling alcohol to minors will be cited and the case will be referred for appropriate prosecution.

Our hope is that all retailers will refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to all underage buyers. To achieve this goal, The Alliance of Southwest Missouri provided a free server training program for businesses and their employees. The program provided information and tools to assist employees in checking identification and ensuring they know the law, their responsibilities, and their rights. 

Better trained and prepared employees will help ensure that we all achieve our goal of reducing underage drinking and its negative consequences.

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