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Neosho state representative Ben Baker – crime bill – initiative petition bill

Recently, the Missouri House passed a crime bill and sent it to the Missouri House.

Neosho state representative Ben Baker told Newstalk KZRG:  “The crime bill has multiple parts.  But over all, it’s dealing with public safety and gives a little more teeth to the law for prosecutors when a juvenile is being tried for serious crimes, like murder, and allows them to be tried as adults.  It also modifies the definition of persistent offenders to include someone who has been convicted of a dangerous felony.”  

After multiple attempts at an initiative petition reform bill in the Missouri Senate, one bill finally passed and was sent to the Missouri House.   

According to Neosho state representative Ben Baker, two important things were left out.:  “One, ensuring illegal aliens cannot vote and then protecting against foreign meddling in elections.  I suspect if we get that bill over here, we will try to put that language back in.”

Baker is on the KZRG Morning News Watch, Thursday mornings at 7:40 AM.

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