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USDA Announces $22.4 Million for Rural Infrastructure Projects

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Kansas State Director for Rural Development Christy Davis today announced that USDA is funding nine Kansas infrastructure projects. This $22.4 million investment will provide reliable high-speed internet access, clean water, and sanitary wastewater systems for rural communities.

“High-speed internet and reliable infrastructure make it possible for rural Kansans to live and work in the communities they love,” Davis said.

The project details are:

  • $997,000 grant will help promote the expansion of high-speed internet in Rawlins, Kiowa, Gove, Kearny, Wilson and Linn counties. Kansas Department of Commerce will use funding to provide technical assistance to some of the most rural and distressed energy communities in Kansas. Specifically, the Kansas Office of Broadband Development (KOBD) will facilitate pre-engineering design and cost studies to determine broadband buildout costs and current barriers to deployment. KOBD, with Rural Utility Service staff, will then partner with local governments to understand and analyze the results of these studies, develop mitigation strategies, and identify next steps for effective broadband deployment, including use of federal and state funding sources.
  • $1,725,000 loan will help complete improvements to the sewer collection system for the City of Wakefield. The project will upgrade the wastewater treatment system and construct a non-discharging lagoon with irrigation.
  • $2,284,000 loan and a $921,000 grant will help complete rehabilitation work on the water and wastewater systems for the City of Burden. The project includes repairing approximately 15,000 linear feet of existing collection lines and upgrading approximately 22,250 linear feet of main and service lines. Previous Rural Development funding of $30,000 for a Pre-Development Planning Grant was made in 2021.
  • $1,205,000 loan and a $1,127,000 grant will help construct a new non-discharging lagoon facility for the City of Hanston. Rural Development previously awarded a $20,177 Special Evaluation Assistance for Rural Communities and Households Grant and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment provided $400,000 in Principle Forgiveness on this project.
  • $2,925,000 loan will help refurbish the wastewater collection system for the City of Valley Falls. The project will include pipe repairs, pipe replacement, heavy pipe cleaning and manhole repairs and replacement.
  • $35,000 loan and a $1,126,000 grant will help complete the rehabilitation of the City of Vermillion‘s water distribution system. The project will install approximately 6,500 feet of distribution piping, including new fire hydrants, valves and other equipment.
  • $5,819,000 loan will help construct a new 300,000-gallon elevated storage tank and a new ion exchange nitrate removal treatment plant for the City of Belle Plaine.  The project will also replace the water distribution system, the telemetry systems and automated meter reading system.
  • $1,772,000 loan will help complete repairs to the Fall River dam, upgrade the Little Bear elevated storage tank, expand the distribution system and provide sewer extension to the hospital in Neodesha. The city received prior funding from Rural Development in the form of a grant and two loans as follows:  a grant of $492,000 awarded in 2021, two loans of $998,000 and $7,000,000 awarded in 2018.
  • $795,000 loan and a $1,691,000 grant will help Little Blue Natural Resources District develop a new water source for the rural water system. The project will consist of developing two municipal wells, purchasing a generator, installing 16.2 miles of transmission main, a booster pump station, installing a 50,000-gallon ground level storage tank, installing 400 meters, software, and a control system.

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