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Senate could debate the initiative petition process this week

Missouri Democrats are getting prepared for what could be a long week in the senate, which could debate whether to make it harder to approve initiative petitions. 

It’s a priority from both the Freedom Caucus and Republicans, but not Democrats, who plan to stall voting on the bill if it comes to a debate, says Senate Minority Leader John Rizzo:  “We will be pushing back against IP vehemently, very much so. I mean, you know, we are not for taking away people’s voice at the ballot box. The fact that that is, like I’ve said before, a top priority of the Republican Party when all these other issues are on the table, it shows you exactly what the Republican Party thinks of people voting.” 

Under current law, it takes a simple majority to change the state constitution – that same simple majority is what led to recreational marijuana being legalized and the expansion of Medicaid healthcare for low-income people.

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