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Hawley wants Biden to save MO aluminum plant

There’s been no action taken so far by the Biden Administration over requests to take federal action to reopen the Magnitude 7 Metals plant in southeastern Missouri’s Marston. 

About 500 employees were laid off there on January 28th. 

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley wants President Biden to invoke the Defense Production Act to get the plant reopened, saying it’s a matter of national security:  “My view is those workers in that plant are too important to the nation to be allowed to be put into mothballs. Biden needs to invoke his federal authority and keep it open. Only the president can do it. I mean, it’s the president who has the power. That’s what the law says. He needs to do it. I’ve called on him repeatedly to do so. This country needs that plant and those workers.” 

Mag 7 produced about 20 percent of the nation’s high-grade aluminum, a large portion of which was used for military equipment.

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