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Oklahoma human trafficking suspect arrested, avoided deportation for 2 decades

A suspected human trafficker wanted in Oklahoma had been using a fake identity for decades to avoid deportation, authorities said Friday.

Feng Jiang was arrested in New York City on Oct. 24 for an outstanding warrant linked to a human trafficking investigation, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) said. Investigators later learned he had been using a fake name and birth date for over 20 years.

“After being extradited back to Oklahoma earlier this month, a fingerprint analysis by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) determined that his real identity is Le Feng Jaing and revealed that he was issued a Final Order of Deportation in 2001 and currently has an outstanding Deportation warrant,” OBN Director Donnie Anderson said.

Jiang became a suspect after OBN began investigating a tip about alleged sex trafficking at what authorities said was a brothel in a residential location in northwest Oklahoma City in October 2022. Investigators watched the location and determined that about a dozen women were trafficked at the location between October 2022 and February 2023.

Jiang and another man, Jian Lin, were identified as the operators of the brothel, OBN said. Evidence shows that clients of the brothel were mostly managers and administrators of commercial marijuana farms.

Jiang is accused of continuing to traffic women in Oklahoma while living in New York as recently as Oct. 2023. Jiang and Lin were each indicted on two counts of human trafficking in September. Lin is also facing charges in Canadian County for a recent arrest linked to distributing the drug ketamine.

While authorities in New York City arrested Jiang last month, Lin remains a fugitive from multiple Oklahoma warrants. Lin may have been spotted recently in Oklahoma City, though officials released no further details.

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