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Congressmen Alford, Budd introduce the Combatting the Persecution of Religious Groups in China Act

Washington, DC –  Congressman Mark Alford (MO-04) and Senator Ted Budd (R-NC) introduced the Combatting the Persecution of Religious Groups in China Act. The Chinese Communist Party is actively seeking to control, govern, and manipulate all aspects of faith through the ‘‘Sinicization of Religion’’, a process intended to shape religious traditions, so they conform with the objectives of the Chinese Communist Party.

The bill specifically does the following:

1) Holds senior officials in China responsible for religious freedom atrocities.

2) Supports efforts to protect and promote religious freedom in China.

3) Continues designating China as a country of particular concern for religious freedom.

4) Recognizes a common consensus of Congress that the United Nations Human Rights Council should issue a formal condemnation regarding religious freedom violations in China.

Congressman Alford issued the following statement:

“In the face of the Chinese Communist Party’s deliberate attempts to persecute and control religious groups and traditions, we must stand unwavering in our commitment to safeguard the sanctity of faith. The ‘Sinicization of Religion’ threatens every individual who believes in the fundamental right to religious freedom. With this bill, we send a clear message: the United States will not stand idly by while religious freedoms are under attack.”

Senator Budd added:

“One of the most sacred human rights is the right to freely practice your religion. The Chinese government has violated these rights for decades by routinely and egregiously persecuting Christians and other religious groups. Until China changes course, it should be the policy of the United States to hold them accountable.”

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