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Hawley supports picketing UAW workers in Wentzville

The United Auto Workers began its walkout more than a week ago by striking three assembly plants — one each at GM, Ford and Stellantis.

In expanding the strike on Friday, the UAW struck only the parts-distribution centers of GM and Stellantis. Ford was spared from the latest walkouts because of progress that company has made in negotiations with the union, said UAW President Shawn Fain.

Missouri US Senator Josh Hawley stopped by a picket line in Wentzville, Missouri, where he showed his support for striking workers. “These workers deserve better pay, better benefits, and a GUARANTEE their jobs will stay in America,” said Hawley. “These companies are making billions in profits – and spending billions on idiotic “climate change” initiatives that make China rich and kill American jobs. Spend that money on American workers.”

Senator Hawley has continually supported the autoworkers throughout their strike for better hours, higher pay, and job security in America.

In December 2022, Senator Hawley stood with and voted to support rail workers as they sought a fair deal with sick leave.

Senator Hawley continues to fight for American workers, working to keep our jobs here in the U.S. and stop the reliance on foreign supply chains for critical goods.

America made these huge corporations what they are. Now they owe some loyalty – and basic fairness – to American workers,” stated Hawley. “Stop offshoring. Stop investing in China. Stop making American workers compete with slave labor. Invest in America.”

Anderson Economic Group, a consulting firm in Michigan that tracks the industry, estimated Friday that the strike has caused about $1.6 billion in economic damage including more than $500 million for the companies and more than $100 million in wages lost to strikers and layoffs.

In bargaining, the union is pointing to the carmakers’ huge recent profits and high CEO pay as it seeks wage increases of about 36% over four years. The companies have offered a little over half that amount.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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