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Eigel talks initiative petitions that seek to add abortion exceptions

Missouri’s abortion ban currently includes an exception for health emergencies of the mother but does not include exceptions for rape and incest. 

Several initiative petitions filed that seek to add those to the ban are receiving pushback from both sides of the issue, including candidate for governor Bill Eigel.

Eigel said:“I don’t support those exceptions. I don’t want to support anymore exceptions to the existing law in the state of Missouri. In fact, I know Mike Kehoe has come out and said he’s very open to what effectively turn one of the toughest restrictions on abortion in the country into Swiss cheese. I think he’s wrong on that issue. I think that Republicans are going to disagree with him on that issue.” 

Kehoe, a Republican who is also running for governor, has said he would consider rape and incest exceptions to abortion if he gets a bill like that as governor from the Republican-controlled legislature. 

According to the Missouri Independent, anti-abortion groups claim the exceptions are far too expansive, and abortion-rights proponents argue the initiatives are too restrictive. 

The exceptions are being pitched as a middle ground between the ban currently in place and more expansive proposals filed earlier this year.  

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