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Missouri Legislature to decide whether to override governor’s vetoes

The Missouri Legislature returns to the state Capitol Wednesday to decide whether to overturn any of the governor’s vetoes on policy or budget bills passed this year. 

Governor Mike Parson vetoed more than 555-million dollars in the 53-billion dollar state budget, including 15-million dollars to help crime victims, 6.8-million in rural health behavioral crisis center expansions, and five-million dollars for autism research. 

“If we continue to spend like we did last year, we will be out of money in this state in a year or two. And I don’t think any of us want that,” says Parson. “We just need to be smart about it. You know, I’m sorry everybody didn’t get exactly what they wanted, but every legislator in this building got something for their home districts. Sometimes you just need to be satisfied what you did get and quit worrying about what you didn’t get.”

Parson vetoed a wide-ranging crime package that would bolster penalties for assault on a law enforcement animal and would elevate the charges for reckless discharge of a firearm within city limits.

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