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Missouri 4th District Congressman Mark Alford on the two tier American justice system

While there are many prosecutions for the January 6th riot in the U-S Capitol, no one was prosecuted for running into the Capitol to try and stop the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh in the Senate.     

Missouri 4th District Congressman Mark Alford told Newstalk KZRG it’s because:   “We have a two tier justice system in America.  Americans have lost trust in the judicial system, the prosecutors and the federal law enforcement.  We are in a dire situation in America.  We have got to do something to rebuild that trust.”

Congressman Alford went on to say how the double tier justice system in America could be fixed:   “We are going to have to have a strong President behind that resolute desk.  A strong conservative who is going to knock heads, clean out Washington D.C. and appoint the people to these agencies like the FBI.”

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