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St. Louis Cardinals president has not given up on Missouri Legislature legalizing sports gambling

The St. Louis Cardinals president has not given up on the Missouri Legislature passing a bill to legalize sports gambling. 

Since 2024 is a major election year for Missouri lawmakers, the odds could be even lower to get a sports gambling bill across the finish line. 

The roadblock has been State Senator Denny Hoskins, who is running for Secretary of State.

St. Louis Cardinals President Bill DeWitt, the Third, has been considering whether to ask Missouri voters if they would support the legalization of sports betting. 

In a statement from DeWitt, he tells Newstalk KZRG, “We remain committed to working with partners and representatives across the state to get a bill passed during the next legislative session.”  

DeWitt says they are continuing to explore the feasibility of a 2024 ballot initiative.

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