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Hawley continues opposing Ukraine funding

Missouri U-S Senator Josh Hawley is continuing his push to cut off federal funding to Ukraine. 

He told reporters last week that the Biden Administration should send federal dollars to radiation victims in the St. Louis area before sending any more money to Ukraine as they continue to fight invading Russian troops: 

“We have spent over $100 billion on Ukraine. I think we can spend a little bit of money on the people of St. Louis. I don’t think it’s too much to ask before we shovel more money to Ukraine, by the way, with no accounting, no oversight. No, there’s no inspector general looking at this. We need to take care of our folks and need to start here in the state of Missouri.”

He says, though, that he doesn’t want Russia to win the war, but that European members of NATO should be providing aid to Ukraine. 

Hawley is calling on the Biden Administration to instead focus on keeping China at bay.

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