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Hawley talks about the ‘massive’ backlog of passport applications

The long wait continues for many Missourians who’ve applied for U-S passports. 

Missouri U-S Senator Josh Hawley says there’s been a 371-percent increase in the number of requests for help his office has received from Missouri residents needing their passports:

“What I hear from folks is they’ll come to me, they’ll say, ‘listen, I applied for my passport months and months ago,’ and now the trip whether it’s a mission trip they’re going on – often we hear that a lot. Sometimes it’s doctors are gonna go overseas and do medical work for free, and their trip is right up on them and they still haven’t gotten or heard anything, anything about their passport.”

Hawley says he’s supporting a bill sponsored by Oklahoma Senator James Lankford designed to improve the process of receiving U-S passports in a timely manner.

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