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Missouri has more than 800 bridges listed in poor condition

Missouri has the seventh largest highway system in America, with more than 34-thousand miles of road and 10-thousand bridges to take care of. 

MoDOT Assistant Chief Engineer Eric Schroeter says about eight-hundred bridges are in poor condition, with roughly a handful closed due to condition.

Eric Schroeter says:  “We’re able to gain a little ground but we also know when you have a big system as old as ours, that each year some of the bridges just by age and traffic and all the other factors, are going to fall into the port condition. So it’s a never ending cycle,”.

Schroeter says just because a bridge is listed in poor condition does not mean that it’s not serviceable. 

It might mean that the state has to do extra work to the bridge to keep it up and running. 

MoDOT works on more than two-hundred bridges each year, with several bridge upgrades being made during this summer construction season. 

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