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Missouri could soon beef up its penalty for interfering with livestock shipments

Messing with Missouri’s shipping of livestock could soon lead to prison time. 

Missouri could soon beef up its punishment for the interference of livestock shipments. 

The state legislature passed a bill this year that would charge a person with a felony if they hinder a transfer, put an object in the livestock, like a hypodermic needle, or throw a tainted liquid on the animals. 

Representative Brenda Shields, who is sponsoring the bill, says if someone at a processing plant finds a needle in a hog, the plant temporarily shuts down to ensure the safety of the food supply.

According to Shields:   “You are not just talking about jobs. But if this happens often, you’re going to see increased prices at the grocery store,” she says. “If you have lots of interruptions in production, somebody has to pay for that.”

Her bill awaits a decision from Governor Parson.

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