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Missouri’s congressional delegation reacts to Trump indictment

Members of Congress from Missouri are reacting to Thursday’s federal indictment of former President Donald Trump over his handling of classified documents found at his Mara Lago estate in Florida. 

Republican U-S Senator Josh Hawley told Fox News that the indictment poses a threat to the entire country, not just to Trump:

“This is about whether any American, any American, can expect the due process of law. And make no mistake, if Merrick Garland can send a SWAT team to the homes of pro-life Catholics to terrorize them, if he can call parents domestic terrorists, if he can jail or try to jail Biden’s political opponents, he can do whatever he wants to any American. That is what this is about.”

Meanwhile, Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush of St. Louis strongly supports the indictment, saying on Twitter that “the former white supremacist in chief…must be held accountable.”

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