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Kansas City Symphony helps ring in Memorial Day celebration

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For nearly two decades, the Memorial Day holiday weekend is home to one of the biggest events of the year in Kansas City: Celebration at the Station.

This year was no different as organizers were prepared for a record turnout. This Kansas City Symphony event has become a tradition in our city. “This is one of the most special events in Kansas City and the Symphony loves doing this,” Jeff Barker, with the Kansas City Symphony, said.

It is the definition of a family-friendly event, with people from every corner of the metro celebrating and honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, in front of the visual voice of Kansas City.

“It means, this is a means of showing appreciation for what we’ve done, what so many people have given their lives and they’re not here to celebrate, so we’re here to celebrate them,” Horace Oliver, a military veteran said.

For 19 years, the Kansas City Symphony has made this home the Sunday before Memorial Day.

“It brings everyone together here in the heart of the city. You can bring your family to this event. People have family reunions, there are military units who have military reunions,” Barker said.

The event’s goal is to highlight and honor those military lives we’ve lost and to celebrate that with the music that makes this city we call home so special.

“It really means something to people, it has a special message and it’s just a great time to get together and celebrate the things we love to do and that are important to us,” Barker said.

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