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Missouri senator voices his true thoughts on Biden

On Wednesday night, as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was announcing via a campaign video that he’s running for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., said that in his opinion, Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee.

He also took a few decided swipes at President Joe Biden.

Wishing all GOP presidential candidates well, the Missouri senator — in Orlando for a faith and values-focused speech at the annual National Religious Broadcasters convention this week — said he feels Trump’s nomination is “inevitable,”.

“And that’s not against anybody else,” Hawley said. “I just think that Trump is going to be the nominee and Biden’s going to be the nominee of the other party.” He added, “And I can tell you I know where I am in that matchup.”

Litigation and lawsuits are not hurting former president Trump, Hawley said. “Actually, I think the opposite.”

He continued, “I think, you know — Bragg, the Manhattan D.A., coming after him in what I think is a blatantly illegal manner — I think he’s just consolidated his support.”

“I mean, you look at what this president has done, Joe Biden has made us dependent on China. He’s made China rich. He’s made America poor.” Hawley continued, “We have seen blue-collar wages in this country decline, decline, decline. We see families unable to make ends meet.”

The next president’s challenge is going to be, “How do we build up this country?” predicted Hawley, noting border insecurities and crime, among other problems.

Hawley then said, “Biden has intentionally tried to divide this country by calling half of the country — or more — fascists, calling them people who threaten our democracy. It used to be in America that we could have heated disagreements, but you didn’t say that the other side was un-American and not fit to be citizens.”

He added, “And this president does that on a daily basis. Frankly, I think for that reason alone, he is not fit to be president.”

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