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Governor Parson talks legislative session at Black Rain Ordinance

Missouri Governor Mike Parson made a trip to Black Rain Ordinance in Neosho Thursday morning where he talked about the legislative session and was even presented with his own custom gun.

“For the most part, from the Governor’s office we had a lot of stuff in the budgetary item, it was a good session for us,” said Parson. “A lot of investment in infrastructure and workforce development and those are two of the main issues for us.”

A big part of that is a project to expand I-70. “I-70 is the project people have talked about for years and we’re now going to be able to do that…it frees up a lot more funds for southwest Missouri and other regions of the state.”

One disappointment for Parson was the failure to raise bar to amend the state’s constitution. “Everybody that’s big money items anymore come in here and use the intiative petition process to pass their legislation,” said Parson. “I’ve been a big supporter of trying to change the way we do that in this state for many years.”

Another big issue that was not passed again this session was sports gambling. While it did pass in the House, it never made it through in the state Senate.

Governor Parson is confident that if the issue ever made it to the ballot, it would pass. “Just not doing anything about it is not good for anybody. It needs to go one way or the other. If we don’t do it legislative-wise, then I think somebody is going to come in here and force that and sometimes that may not be the outcome we all want.”






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