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Alford on the approaching debt ceiling deadline

Republicans and Democrats in Washington have until June First to agree on raising the debt ceiling, or else the U-S will default on its debts and risk a severe recession. 

G-O-P Congressman Mark Alford, who represents western Missouri, is promoting the bill passed by the U-S House. 

It would raise the debt ceiling by one-and-a-half trillion dollars for one year. 

In exchange, there would be 4-point-8 trillion dollars in spending cuts over the next 10 years:

Alford stated:  “That would include repealing the 87,000 IRS agents that the Biden administration wants to sic on everyday Americans. It includes clawing back unused COVID money that has not left the federal treasury to go to the states. It’s also going to call back to 2022 the spending levels that we had on certain programs.”

President Biden and Democrats in the U-S Senate, however, want a bill that raises the debt ceiling without any conditions added on.

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