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Missouri Senator wants to expand nuclear energy to ensure affordable electricity

Does nuclear power have a snowball’s chance of passing the Missouri Legislature in 2023? 

Establishing the Missouri Nuclear Clean Power Act is the brainchild of Republican Senator Curtis Trent, which would charge customers for costs associated with the construction work in progress before the nuclear power plant is operational.  

He says the bill would ensure that residents can afford to pay reasonable prices for electricity.

According to Trent:   “We want to have an energy source that is cheap for the public, that protects Missouri’s status as one of the more low energy cost states in the country because that’s how we attract businesses, and it’s just good for the average rate payer. Everything is going up in price these days, it seems like, we don’t want electricity to be one of those things that drives up cost.” 

Those opposed to the House’s version of this bill write against this idea, saying ratepayers should never be asked to pay for what they may receive no benefit from. 

With three weeks left to go in this legislative session, Trent could add his bill to another one that is closer to passing.

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