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Bailey seeking appeal of federal ruling that declared Missouri gun law unconstitutional

Missouri is in the process of appealing a federal judge’s ruling that declared the Second Amendment Preservation Act, or SAPA, unconstitutional. 

The law passed two years ago banned state and local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws, with local agencies subject to a 50-thousand-dollar fine for each violation. 

Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed the appeal on behalf of Missouri:

“The rights codified in the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution come from God, not man. And that the Bill of Rights sets for the floor, not a ceiling on those rights. And so, if the General Assembly of the state of Missouri wants to expand upon those rights, they have the authority to do that. And so, we’re fighting for our right to keep and bear arms and we’re fighting for our states’ rights as well.”

In addition to the appeal, Bailey has asked the judge to stay his decision, allowing the law to remain in place during the appeals process. 

A decision on that request is expected sometime next week. 

The appeal itself is expected to be heard by the 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals in either May or June.

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