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Hawley sponsoring bill allowing lawsuits against Big Tech over child sex abuse content

Legislation that would allow citizens to file lawsuits against social media giants for hosting child sexual abuse material has been introduced in the U-S Senate. 

It’s sponsored by Missouri U-S Senator Josh Hawley:

According to Hawley:  “Very simple. If you are a parent and you find child porn on a social media platform — which is illegal by the way, child porn online — you should be able to sue to have it taken down, (to) protect your kids. It would give real power to parents and to victims to be able to go to court and sue these tech companies to take down this material.”

Hawley cites a New York Times study that says there are millions of images of child sexual abuse online.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, recently announced it’s creating a database that will allow someone to submit a “digital fingerprint” of such images in order to help combat the spread of child pornography.

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