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Hawley sponsors bill to ban Chinese ownership of American farmland

Chinese-owned companies would be banned from owning farmland in the United States under legislation filed in the U-S Senate. 

It’s sponsored by Missouri U-S Senator Josh Hawley:  “Farm security, food security is national security…plus, it is just a vital sector of our economy, it’s a vital way of life. I come from a farming family, and of course agriculture is altogether our number one industry in Missouri. So, I want to protect it, I want to keep our food chain secure and in this country.”

If passed, China would have to divest in farmland it already owns in the U-S, and would be forbidden from buying more. 

Hawley says the U-S already relies too heavily on China in the manufacturing and medical sectors, and that we should not allow the same thing to happen to America’s food supply.

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