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US Senate passes bill co-sponsored by Hawley to declassify any intelligence tied to COVID-19 origin

The U-S Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would require the Biden Administration to declassify any intelligence related to links between the origins of COVID-19 and China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

It was co-sponsored by Missouri U-S Senator Josh Hawley. He told Newstalk KZRG that the American people have a right to know what happened:  “Why hide it from them? Why the secrecy? Let’s allow the American people to see for themselves. And let’s not forget, it wasn’t too long ago that members of the government, like Dr. Fauci, were out there saying ‘no way could this have ever been associated with a lab or come from a lab and people who say that ought to be taken off social media. They ought to be silenced in public.’ Well, now we got the FBI saying actually, they think it did come from a lab.”

The bill now goes to the U-S House, and assuming it passes there will go to President Biden’s desk.

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