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Spring River Christian Village to close two neighborhoods on campus

Spring River Christian Village in Joplin says they are closing two neighborhoods on its campus.

Jennifer Knecht, Christian Horizons Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, says they ARE NOT closing the campus’ independent living, assisted living and memory support neighborhoods, which will remain fully operational.

“At Spring River Christian Village, responding to the needs of older adults throughout Joplin and the surrounding community is a hallmark of how we serve as a community partner today and will for generations to come,” said Knecht, in a statement. “Spring River’s commitment to supporting area older adults is the same now as when we originally opened our doors nearly 40 years ago.”

She says the past several years have been economically difficult for businesses and senior living communities across the U.S., Missouri, and Joplin, including Spring River.

“All have experienced dramatic expense increases in general operating costs; rising wage pressures; and now soaring inflation challenges,” she continued. “With ongoing focus to ensure long-term viability in service to older adults throughout Joplin and the surrounding community, we have determined that it is no longer feasible to continue operations of the campus’ health center’s two neighborhoods which serve skilled nursing and long-term care. After much discernment and thorough financial analysis, the last day of operations in these two neighborhoods will be April 22, 2023.”

“The heavy-hearted decision to close these two skilled nursing and long-term care neighborhoods was made in light of compounding external economic forces, the same market forces that have dramatically elevated operating costs for skilled nursing and long-term care providers across the country, forcing many to cease operations. Industry news reports that more than 135 skilled nursing centers closed in 2022, anticipating many more in 2023.”

“Please note that the independent living, assisted living and memory support neighborhoods of Spring River Christian Village remain fully operational and will not be affected.

“Spring River Christian Village understands that the decision impacts residents, families, and associates and is committed to a safe and supportive transition. The team is working to ensure the smoothest transition possible for every person impacted. Throughout the next 60 days, leaders are diligently focused to ensure impacted residents find safe and appropriate relocation and will walk alongside affected associates to support these individuals with resources and employment options at Spring River, or outside the campus.”

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