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Hawley says Schmitt will ‘do a great job’ on US Senate Armed Serviced committee

Missouri U-S Senator Josh Hawley says the Show-Me State’s newest Senator, Eric Schmitt, will do a great job on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee.

Hawley left the committee and now sits on the senate’s Energy Committee:

According to Hawley:  “My committee assignments were my choice, and I’m looking forward to getting after it…but we’ve got a lot of work to do to bring the cost of energy down in this country, get energy production open back up, which is very important to us in the state of Missouri.”

Hawley also serves on the U-S Senate’s judiciary and homeland security committees.

In an earlier statement, fellow Republican Schmitt said he’ll work to ensure that the U-S military is the most “revered fighting force in the world.” 

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