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More than $230,000 to be going to Kansas Suicide Prevention Headquarters

TOPEKA – Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) Secretary Howard announced today the agency has awarded Kansas Suicide Prevention Headquarters (KSPHQ) $231,616 to support the Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition’s continued enhancement of suicide prevention efforts, goals and activities across the state.

“We are proud to award these funds to KSPHQ as they continue to create awareness about suicide, increase access to resources for prevention and implement strategies that reduce incidents of suicide in Kansas, including how to recognize and respond to someone who needs help,” KDADS Behavioral Health Services Commissioner Andy Brown said.

KSPHQ will be responsible for providing logistical and financial support to the Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition as a whole, including its executive committee and designated subgroups. They will work to provide technical and subject matter expertise, develop social media and website hosting, and collaborate on the execution of activities as they relate to identifiable statewide priorities.

To increase capacity, sustainability, and partnership in the area of Suicide Prevention in Kansas, the establishment of the Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition represents both public and private sectors that seek to empower Kansans to connect suicide efforts that are already being carried out.

Goals of the Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition include:

  • Provide enrollment support to new and existing members
  • Facilitate the annual review and updates of the Kansas Suicide Prevention plan
  • Assist in completing an environmental scan of suicide prevention activities statewide
  • Organize an in-person annual meeting of the Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition that includes suicide prevention/intervention trainers
  • Provide information to policy makers and advocates on how to enhance efforts of suicide prevention.

To complete these goals, education from members and the communities they represent is emphasized and encouraged. The Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition promotes sharing of resources, connecting organizations, identifying populations most at risk, and addressing behavioral health disparities that exist.

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