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Mo. House committee passes 2 measures that would make it harder to amend the State Constitution

Several bills and resolutions being proposed by Missouri lawmakers this year would make it harder for citizens and interest groups to amend the State Constitution. 

Two of those measures were passed Thursday by the House elections committee. 

One would raise voter passage of citizen-back constitutional amendments from a simple majority to 60 percent voter approval. 

The other would keep the simple majority rule, but would also require that it passes in at least 82 State House districts. 

Patty Skane is a lobbyist with Missouri Right to Life, which supports making it harder to amend the State Constitution:  “We have seen in the past these efforts where millions of dollars come in from out of state to pass these initiative petitions, many times very deceptive initiative petitions.”

Opponents argued that the initiative petition process acts as a check against the Missouri Legislature, saying they’ve shown a willingness to overturn the will of the people. 

The measures have another committee stop before advancing to the full House.

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