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Senator Hawley Says Special Council Needs To Be Appointed For President

One U.S. Senator is accusing the Attorney General of a double standard.

A letter was sent from Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate President Biden’s handling of classified documents. 

According to Senator Hawley:  “It can’t be that we have two tiers of justice in this country.  It can’t be that there is one rule for Republicans and a different rule for Democrats.  Merrick Garland says we have to have a special prosecutor for Trump.  That means we have to have one for Biden.”

Hawley, in the letter, says that Biden appears to have done exactly what former President Trump did, except having his home raided by the FBI over it. 

The documents allegedly were found on November 2nd. 

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