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Hawley on House Democrats releasing Trump’s personal tax info

(Washington, DC) – Just before Christmas, House Democrats released personal tax information on former president Donald Trump following the January Sixth committee’s investigation. 

Republican U-S Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri says he doesn’t understand the basis for releasing Trump’s tax information:

“It sounds like to me why they wanted these tax returns from the beginning was just to make them public, which is kind of a sham because I’m pretty sure they told the courts the reason that their subpoenas ought to be enforced is because they needed them for investigative purposes. But as soon as they got them, they’re just releasing them. So that tells me that they basically misled all these courts and they never had any purpose for them, other than just putting them out in public.”

Hawley says what goes around will likely come around when Republicans take control of the U-S House and take aim at President Biden and members of his family over their business dealings.

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