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Scammers Getting More Aggressive, Creative, Says Ameren

Scammers are getting more aggressive and creative in their attempts to steal your money. 

St. Louis-based Ameren Missouri is warning its customers of several new scams underway:

They include posing as Ameren employees and threatening to disconnect service unless they make an immediate payment, usually through a cash app or prepaid card. 

Some have found a way to mask their calls so that the word “Ameren” shows up on a victim’s caller I-D, but they then ask the customer to call a different number to make a payment. 

Others are using social media posts, saying that a charity will pay off their utility bills if they make an immediate partial payment. 

Ameren, which has about 1-point-2 million customers in Missouri, says to NEVER trust anyone seeking immediate payment or who demands you go out and buy a prepaid card to use for payment. 

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