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Neosho’s murals will soon be gaining an audio component

Neosho Arts Council is embarking on a new project to make Neosho’s murals more accessible to all members of the community. The group has been awarded a $3,450 grant from Missouri Humanities to help in the creation of audio descriptions of several town murals. The audio descriptions will make these works of art accessible to more members of our community including those that are blind or partially sighted.

“We are thrilled to be able to implement this project that will make our historic murals accessible,” Sarah Serio, President of the Neosho Arts Council, said. “The descriptions will also be great for anyone wanting to take an audio guided tour through our murals.”

The audio descriptions will focus on describing the art, using precise, logically structured language, interwoven with historic references and cultural narratives. There will be an emphasis on size, shape, color, texture, and detail to help guide everyone through the mural.

“What’s great about these descriptions is that they are something everyone can benefit from. They’ll guide you through not only the color and design aspects of the mural but also historical references. This will help identify notable subjects in the murals that might not be recognizable to everyone,” Serio explained.

The audio descriptions will be available via a QR code placed next to the murals. You will also be able to access the descriptions along with a high resolution photo on the Neosho Arts Council’s website.

“By including high resolution photos of each mural we are giving people the ability to use their phone or computer to zoom in on an area of a mural while they listen to the description to help them experience that work of art,” Serio added.

“Our organization has a mission, in part, to grow appreciation for the arts. We want everyone to be able to come to Neosho and enjoy the art we have to offer,” Serio said. “Some of these murals have been here for generations but not everyone has been able to access them and we hope this project helps change that.”

Work will begin on the project in January and the audio descriptions will be available in the spring. Murals at the top of the list for audio descriptions include the “Centennial Mural” which is currently receiving restoration work, the “Flower Box City” mural located in Neosho’s City Hall, and the “Rocketdyne Mural” located at Crowder College.

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