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Dave Holden hired as Joplin/Jasper County Emergency Manager

Joplin Fire Chief Gerald Ezell is pleased to announce that Dave Holden will begin serving as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Joplin and Jasper County starting November 7. 

Current Emergency Manager Keith Stammer will retire on November 1, after serving 17 years in this position.

Holden is a veteran of the City of Joplin, as he has served 21 years with the Joplin Fire Department. 

He will move from his current role as a Driver/Engineer of the fire department to this new role for our city and county. 

Ezell and members of the Jasper County Commission selected Holden following the interview process.

This position is responsible to ensure that emergency management plans are in place and works with area emergency services to protect life and property in the community. 

The EMS Coordinator also serves a key role to address disasters if they should occur.

“I believe his knowledge of the City of Joplin from his 21 years of service, along with his extensive experience and education in emergency management procedures, weather incident forecasting, and natural disaster response and preparation will allow him to make a seamless transition into this position,” said Ezell. “His knowledge of community safety, state and federal procedures in emergencies and involvement in command staff practices will be a strong asset for the community.”

Holden holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography from Pittsburg State University, with significant studies in Meteorology, Geography, Topographical Maps and Mapping, Geographical Hazards, and Disasters. He also completed his senior thesis on severe thunderstorms (mesoscale) and tornadoes.

The Emergency Management Coordinator position is partially funded by Jasper County and serves the broader region within the County. “Mr. Holden was the clear choice to fill this position and there is great confidence in Mr. Holden’s knowledge and skills,” said Darieus Adams, Western District Commissioner for Jasper County. “After working in public safety for a number of years, he has experienced a number of scenarios that could affect our region.”

“It is greatly appreciated to be given the opportunity to continue my career in emergency services,” said Holden. “I am excited and look forward to serving the residents of the City of Joplin and Jasper County for many more years.” 

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