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Voters to Decide if Missouri Needs a New State Constitution

Does Missouri need a new State Constitution? 

Voters will answer that question in November as one of five ballot questions to be decided. 

If it passes, Missouri would be required to call together a constitutional convention and decide on whether to leave it as-is, make a few changes, or completely rewrite it. 

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft says Missouri’s current state constitution was adopted in 1945:

“There was a lot of, obviously, change going on. We saw change not only with the war, but in the role of government and what government was taking a role in and what it was participating in, and people felt because of that they needed to relook at the Constitution and set the appropriate boundaries and responsibilities of the state government.”

If it passes, delegates will be selected and will decide what, if any, changes to make to the State Constitution. 

The revised Constitution would then go before Missouri voters for final approval.

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