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Major road improvements may be coming to Webster County

Diggins & Fordland, Webster County – Those interested are invited to a public hearing to view the proposed improvements for the intersection of U.S. Route 60 and Webster County Route A in Diggins, as well as an interconnecting south Outer Road between Webster County Route A/NN in Diggins and Webster County Route Z in Fordland, the Missouri Department of Transportation said.

The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, October 25th from 4 – 6 p.m. at the Diggins Baptist Church, 3700 Normandy Road, Seymour. All interested persons will be given an opportunity to be heard concerning their views on the design and construction of these improvements in Webster County, with reference to the economic and social effects of such design, its impact on the environment, and its consistency with the goals and objectives of the community. An open-house format will be used, and persons may discuss the project and offer comments at any time between the prescribed hours.

In addition, a virtual public hearing will be available online from October 25, to November 8. For those unable to access the online meeting, contact MoDOT’s Southwest District Office at 417.895.7600 and accommodations will be made to share the information and gather feedback.

Project highlights:

  • New interchange at U.S. Route 60 and Webster County Route A
  • Build bridge over Route 60 and BNSF Railroad
  • Connect Route NN to new Route A interchange
  • Roundabout at new Route NN/Route A intersection
  • Construct south Outer Road between Route Z in Fordland and Route A in Diggins along the south side of BNSF Railroad
  • Remove 9 railroad crossings: Route NN, Greenbriar Drive, Honor Camp Lane, Tandy Road, Hummingbird Lane, Bluebird Lane, 3 additional private drives
  • Remove 9 Route 60 highway intersections/private access: Route A, Route NN, Route O (right-in, right-out only), as well as Bluebird Lane, Hummingbird Lane (south side), Honor Camp Lane (south side), Greenbriar Drive, and two private accesses

Expected traffic impacts during construction:

  • Lane closures on Route 60 at times
  • Narrowed lanes at times
  • During higher traffic volume, drivers can expect occasional delays
  • Crews and equipment close to traffic
  • Temporary partial driveway and access disruptions

Construction is scheduled to begin in Summer 2025.

Estimated project cost of Route A interchange and new Outer Road: $28.4 million.

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