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Neosho Arts Council’s Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest has announced its winners

Downtown Neosho’s sidewalks became canvases for works of chalk art this past weekend during the Neosho Fall Festival.

“We love turning downtown Neosho into a large temporary work of art,” said Sarah Serio, president of Neosho Arts Council. The council provides professional chalk pastels to each entrant so the works will last on the sidewalk for several days and be totally washed away with the next rain.

The event draws participants from across the area and is popular with kids and adults alike. “It’s great to see professional artists taking part alongside the youth of our community,” Serio said. “We hope it inspires some kids to keep practicing their art skills and to keep taking part as they grow up.”

Winners from this year’s annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest have been announced!


For the age 16 to Adult Division the top three winners are:

First Place Amie McAllister
Second Place Alexandra Braun
Third PlaceKirsten Coffey


For the age 11-15 Division the top three winners are:

Ranking Name
First Place Louella Hodson
Second PlaceAsher Hitchcock
Third Place Ithel Rodriguez


And for the age 6-10 Division the top three winners are:

Ranking Name
First Place Cerrenity Reynolds
Second Place Greyson Crane
Third Place Vivi Willis


The event originated to grow participation in the arts within the community. Over the years the council has seen participants coming to the Fall Festival just to take part in the chalk art contest. “People come prepared to spend several hours working on their designs,” Serio explained. “They come with knee pads, towels to sit on, and umbrellas for shade.” And it’s not just the adults who come ready to draw. “We see families bring lawn chairs to set up while teens and kids are focused on drawing.”

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