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Neosho Police warning about scams

The Neosho Police Department has seen a rise in reported scams. These scams have cost the citizens of Neosho thousands of dollars in hard earned money.

These cases are particularly hard to solve and often end without the victim ever getting their money back.

The most common recently reported incidents involve victims being contacted by persons claiming to be from government agencies. The scammer may advise the victim’s information has been compromised, threaten the victim will be arrested, or use other nefarious tactics to scare the victim into compliance.

The scammer will often repeatedly call the victim and tell the victim they need to purchase multiple prepaid cards from various stores to resolve the issue. Often, they will have the victim get the maximum amount allowed by the pre-paid cards. The scammer then has the victim provide the card numbers for the prepaid cards.

The Neosho Police Department warns the citizens of Neosho not to be fooled.

They say government agencies will not call you to conduct monetary business over the phone. They certainly will not request you purchase pre-paid cards and provide the card numbers.

If you receive a call that is questionable, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Often it is the elderly population that falls victim to these scams. If you know someone that may be prone to becoming a victim of a scam, please provide them with a warning.

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